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Government urged to address nutrition and sustainability for food sector

A coalition of UK institutional investors are urging the British government to create an environment for businesses seeking to build long-term thinking and sustainability into their business models. The group which is led by Greenbank Investors has written an open investor letter to the UK government supporting the mandatory reporting of nutrition and sustainability metrics for food sector companies.

The letter says that while some businesses are voluntarily reporting health and sustainability metrics, there is a notable lack of consistency in what is reported and how, and some sectors are further behind in terms of transparency.

Commented Sophie Lawrence, Senior Ethical, Sustainable and Impact Researcher at Rathbone Greenbank Investments: “This investor group recognises the multitude of risks and opportunities facing the food industry linked to issues such as nutrition and food waste. At the same time, the food system is a major driver of climate change and biodiversity loss. The incidence of obesity – a key risk factor in cases of severe Covid-19 – is also rising across the world. These sustainability challenges present severe risks to the way in which the world produces, processes and consumes food. It’s clear that the food system in its current state is unsustainable and ambitious action is needed to realign it to work for people and planet.”

In January FMJ is holding a webinar on how biotechnology can help FMs achieve their sustainability goals and reduce food waste.

In the webinar, which will take place on the 26th January at 11am FMJ Editor, Sara Bean, is joined by:

  • Dr Stephen Wise, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Advetec
  • Rochelle Gee, Head of Property Services, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Ray Parmenter, CChem MRSC, MCIWM, CIWM: Head of Policy and Technical
  • Chris Havers, Programme Director Acclaro Advisory & SFMI

Topics will include:

  • The role of the circular economy in helping cut carbon emissions.
  • Challenges and opportunities for FMs in managing waste to meet environment, social and governance (ESG).
  • How the latest technology is available to help.

Click here to register.



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