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Disappoint callers and 1 in 3 will walk

Research from Moneypenny and Censuswide reveals that three quarters of consumers say that a good call experience is a powerful customer service differentiator.

Despite this, companies still aren’t answering their phones, messages aren’t being passed on, phone numbers aren’t being listed on websites, and annoying ‘on hold’ music drives people round the bend.

Biggest phone complaints:

1. Complex automated phone messages

2. Being told to check the website

3. Having to leave a voicemail

4. Feeling rushed and not listened to

5. Background call centre noise

First impressions count, and bad ones can be difficult – impossible even – to recover from. It’s crucial to ensure that employees responsible for handling calls have the resource and experience to not only answer professionally, but also tune into the emotion of the caller.

How do consumers react to a poor call experience?

36% would take their business elsewhere

34% would complain to the business

32% would call again and ask to speak to someone else

29% would spread the word to friends and family

25% would write a negative review

Not every query is urgent, complex or sensitive, and in those cases using digital tools to communicate, such as live chat, chatbots, FAQs and email, provide quick and convenient ways to contact a business.

To succeed in delivering a great customer experience, businesses must deliver a consistent level of service across every single touch point – on the phone, online and in person.

Access the full report here or head to moneypenny.co.uk to discover the ways Moneypenny can help support your business.


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