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Talking it over

Linda Wheatley, Group Compliance Director at Business Moves Group argues that a culture change is required to improve the mental wellbeing of the workforce A quick look through the news will tell you that mental health awareness has risen up ...

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High principles

A proactive culture around safety basics will stop preventable working at height deaths, says Ken Diable, Managing Director of Heightsafe Scan the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) list of recent prosecutions and the risks associated with working at height will ...

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Moving towards a workplace culture that allows employees to reach the top of their game

What with Brexit, Trump and Ed Balls dominating the news at the moment, it was a relief to know that Advanced Workplace Association’s (AWA) Workplace Week Convention still held its solid place on the workplace calendar this November.  Now in ...

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How beneficial are whacky designs in a modern day office?

Every time people bring up interiors or office redesigns in print or at conferences you can bet your life it won’t be long before someone brings up “Google’s offices” or something similar. Are these whacky designs actually relevant or beneficial ...

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An industry in need

In the wake of another successful year FMJ spoke to Andrew Mawson, the brains behind Workplace Week, who thinks that FM can go above and beyond to challenge lives (okay workspaces) in a way the traditional view of the industry ...

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Scrubbing Up

FMJ investigates how the correct choice of materials when designing your washroom can not only create an aesthetically pleasing environment, but also ensure durability for years to come There is a somewhat common cliché that is often trotted out in the ...

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